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Hungry, undernourished children are difficult to educate, and science shows that they develop at a slower rate than other children.
Yet in recent years, Texas public school food programs, including free breakfasts for children in some income brackets, have been substantially cut.

​We consider that these changes already are having a negative impact on our children and their families and will help produce negative outcomes in society as undernourished children fail to grow and develop at the same rate as well-nourished children.


Top Issues

Large, multinational corporations take advantage of the U.S. workforce by forcing them to compete with sweat shop, slave wages in foreign countries without human rights provisions. This unsavory competition forces American wages down and turns our workers literally into wage slaves.
​People in fast food and retail industries routinely work as many as three jobs to make a barebones living, sometimes missing out on valuable time with their children and families.

Texas needs to aggressively work to restore the previously unspoken bargain between under-regulated corporate America and the people. No one should work more than 40 hours a week and earn less than a living wage. This is an issue that states can and do regularly decide where corporations fail to keep their end of the bargain, enriching themselves while ignoring the needs of their poor and middle-class workers.

Living Wage

Texas House of Representatives, District 97

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for State Representative

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Voters often spend more time thinking about federal policy than state policy, yet politics is local and the states make the most important governmental decisions—those that directly affect our quality of life and the effectiveness and power of democracy in elections.

States have many rights that far exceed those of the Federal Government. When Texas officials abuse and misuse those rights to control legal, free choices of the electorate, our quality of life and freedoms decline.

​I am running for Texas House District 97 because I believe that many actions of the most recent Texas Legislature will have—in some cases already are having—negative effects on Texas freedoms and quality of life.

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Why State Offices Matter

Unlike many other states, we do not receive these federal monies to help with the new law, including the Medicaid expansion aspects of the law designed to aid lower- and middle-income citizens.
I will fight to get these funds back and to pass legislation preventing the Texas Legislature from turning down taxpayer funds from the federal government without a public vote.

​ No one person should have the power to unilaterally reject taxpayer money. Texans are entitled to all of the same benefits afforded to the rest of the nation.